It was November 2011. I was headline speaker @ The Business Show at Excel, and I got bombshelled.

Two, maybe 3, 4 bits of news.

None of it good.

20 mins later a quick tee-shirt change and I’m on stage.


We’ve all had those days, when shit starts to implode and you run down the track, away from the train… but you can never outrun it. For ever.


This shit was the start of my mental unravelling – as covered in my most recent book LIFE. BUSINESS. JUST GOT EASIER.

The company which I’d founded 5 years previously was in big trouble. We’d had one too many body blows. So many people and things literally conspired against us. They smelt blood.

This photo below was my ‘Bush being told about the twin towers’ moment. A moment when so little made sense.

I had no more fight in me.

But my Chairman Terry Cooper, with 25 years of experience in business, did what a great Chairman does. Keeping their head whilst everyone else is losing theirs. Including me.

4Networking Chairman Terry Cooper

4Networking Chairman Terry Cooper giving me the talk of his life.

This photo was captured by my official photographer Jonna Jacobs who was shooting me at the show. Hence I have the snapshot, of the most important moments of the last 10 years. Looking back at this image now I’d be lying if I said I can recall what TC  said. But by the end of the 20 mins I’d gone from having no fight left, to putting my gum shield back in and coming right off my stool.

Terry Cooper cemented his already concrete legacy that day as the worlds greatest business corner man and continues to actively Chair the board of the very same growing organisation that we came so very close to losing.

Five years on, the company is well and truly on the up and growing month on month 21% up in 2015 under the day to day leadership of new Director of Strategy Jason Dutton.

Remember this when you are feeling the pressure. That you probably have a whole lot more in the tank, from the point you believe have nothing more left in the tank. Seek out your corner man to help you find your resolve.

I’ll tell you this, if Terry Cooper didn’t say those words, in the way he said them at that moment… It could have been a much different story.

Saying that, I could have gone back to where I started…   delivering pizzas.

Thank you TC, Stef and everyone else who stayed the course and backed me, 4Networking throughout this difficult time. #4Nis10

Brad Burton

I am Brad Burton. The UK's #1 motivational speaker, founder of 4Networking and Amazon's highest rated business author. Yup.


  • Croz Crossley

    Great story Brad. It is always good when the voice you hear is from a trusted advisor and NOT the voices in your head. The good thing is that that experience would have totally rearranged the nasty voices and as you say you can recall it in an instant, that’s really powerful. I wonder how many people have benefited from that experience via your empathy with the people you meet in a similar position.

    • Brad Burton

      Correct C, I very fortunate to have so many smart wise owls in my corner. The most recent edition to that roster you! X

  • Awesome story. Awesome, life changing moment.

    I always think of your jet fighter analogy when I feel like quitting, Brad.

    Inspiring! #BeYou

    • Brad Burton

      Thanks bud. We all got those stories where you down on one knee and either choose to stand up or really have nothing left to do so.

      Always remember why. You get that sussed and you’ll be able to dig deeper x

  • Katie Ives

    Thanks to you pushing on we all have our corner men now Brad. A whole variety of them in our 4N family.

  • Taz Thornton

    Only just found this gem of a blog. Honest and to the point, as always. Reckon lots of business folk will find equal measure of solace, hope and determination from this one, Brad. Cheers xx

  • Duncan Jay

    Thanks for this one Brad. It shows that we all need that little bit of support when things aren’t going to plan. Some of us aren’t lucky enough to have a TC in our biz but there a whole lot of other people who can help – especially in 4N. Even the smallest thing can make a huge difference.
    Believe in yourself first and foremost!