Have you got what it takes to be added to the SpeakerSeeker line-up?

Looking for an amazing speaker for your conference, event, show? That'll be SpeakerSeeker

So you want to feature on SpeakerSeeker? Have you really got what it takes?

Read this blog and you’ll find your answer.

The truth is, its early days for us, and we have limited capacity and as such will only want to represent people who we 100% believe we can place. When the call comes…

We soft launched over weekend, we’ve not even propagated from the test site to its proper URL home www.SpeakerSeeker.Biz yet we’ve been swamped with peeps wanting to feature on the site. Hence the reason for this blog, otherwise we’d be having to have the same conversation over and over.

It’s our reputation on the line as much as it is yours. There is no point in just putting loads of speakers on, for the sake of it. That’s where other sites go wrong. Too many speakers, not enough enquiries. So we’re intending on scaling the line-up, in line with the enquiries.

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The entire roster of speakers has been be picked from former attendees at my 1 day http://www.BradCamp.biz– Be A Better Speaker workshops. The sheer amount of great talent that comes through the doors at each camp is obscene.

But talent alone isn’t enough. In order for us to find you, you’ll also need to have a real life story, be prepared to share it, and for those that have been through BradCamp – know that they need Assets / Experience.

Without them, you’re just playing at it.

In time, SpeakerSeeker is all set to be a real community.
As you’d expect from me, I have a plan. A BIG plan and I’ve a track record, of making shit happen.

SpeakerSeeker, will be as disruptive to the UK speaker industry as 4Networking was to Business Networking… as my books are to business books, and I am to a business speaker.

Expect big things.

How the hell do I get “found” by SpeakerSeeker?

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Ask yourself these questions?

  1. Have I been through http://www.BradCamp.biz – Be A Better Speaker? If not you’ll need to.
  2. If you have, you’ll be able to answer honestly whether or not you have enough A / E needed to be considered
  3. Are you fundamentally different enough?
  4. Did you demonstrate your potential and you at your best?
  5. Is your story one that event / conference organisers would pay for? If so, have you had any previous paid bookings?

Watch this video

Oh and don’t be bending my ear, it’ll put you back, not forward in the process.
I’m always watching. Keep going.

Brad Burton

I am Brad Burton. The UK's #1 motivational speaker, founder of 4Networking and Amazon's highest rated business author. Yup.