11 top tips from a PROFESSIONAL MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER who is at the top of his game.

I remember the first time. it was horrid.
I’ve walked into the auditorium, blinded by the lights. Totally disorientated. I had no real idea what I was doing, other than presenting to a group of people.
I died. As in 20 minutes of dying on stage, hurriedly reading the bullet points (that had been written for me, by my PR team – Mistake number 2!) on a PowerPoint.
Whilst 200 senior managers watched the sweat pour off me as I blindly ploughed on.
Just horrid.

That was back in 1999 at a New Media conference at the Institute of Directors, when I held a marketing role for a UK ISP right at the boom of the dotcom.
Never again.
That is of course, the next time I had to speak in public at the launch of 4Networking, the company I founded in 2006, I had no option, I even opened up with the words, welcome to the future of business networking. Whilst shaking like a shitting dog…
It then took me 7 years to get to the point where my phone is red hot each week with enquires for me to speak…
I now get paid to speak. As in ££££ look I even have a top agent luvvy.

I now get paid as a motivational speaker, booked by some impressive global companies, JCB, Xero, Bentley, NHS, The Business Show, the list really does go on.

But you get the picture.  I’m a professional speaker. Think about that, a PROFESSIONAL SPEAKER. As in I get paid to speak. There are so many professional speakers, that I hear about, that have spent years and thousands on training, yet never get booked.
Being a professional, means you get paid. As in that stuff that pays mortgages.
My speaking career, runs alongside my normal business. If I can do it, what’s stopping you doing it also? Truth is, it’s probably you. The fear of dying on stage, not sure what to say, what to do with your hands, if your drying up, how do you make money from it, get booked, the list goes on…
Anyways I’m a guy with no qualifications, no training. I’ve learned on the fly, self-taught if you will. I’ve found my voice, and rather than run from past, I’ve sussed out that I wouldn’t be much of a motivational speaker if I didn’t use my history… same applies to you.
Oh yea, those tips… here’s the first 5

1) No one is born an expert speaker. You learn to become one. That person you see on stage, will have spent hours, polishing their presentation, and those off the cuff gags, are far from off the cuff.
2) Be you. Do not try to emulate another speakers style, you’ll come unstuck. It’s none sustainable.
3) No one can tell you are dying on stage. Well at least not initially, you have about a minute generally to fall back to a place. Dying is part of it! I know all the BIG names in UK, they’ve all had terrible gigs. But the more you do the less frequent those horror stories present themselves. The nerves that you once had, over time become less and less. You learn to use them, to your advantage.
4) What’s the difference between a £500 speaker and a £5,000 one? About 10 years’ experience, £4,500 of bullshit and more expensive paper when sending the invoice.
5) Get your first minute off stroing… Know exactly how you are going to start, and take people on a journey, with a middle and an end… an end that which leaves them wanting for more and inspired, motivated, driven to where your audience need to be.

And I can teach you, my secrets, at a BradCamp, 10 years experience crammed into 1 day.

An expert is someone who has made all the mistakes in a narrow field. In the field of speaking, I’ve made them all. Like all of them.
The better a communicator you are in business, the more successful you are likely to be in business. Your secret weapon in business is YOU.
Phenomenal day – best training course I have attended. I have already made my money back five times over on paid gigs – Michelle Ibbs
So why did it take me 7 years, and yet Michelle Ibbs, a paid gig in just 7 days after coming to BradCamp, Be A Better Speaker?
Because the fastest point A-B is by following someone who has already done A-B.
Unlike business, in the speaking game, there are some magic bullets in speaking.
I know them all…  but you will need to have at least a basic level of presenting and hunger to push yourself out of your comfort zone, but if you are truly at the point where you want to be a Better Speaker, and make money from it, I can help get you over the line.


Oh yea those other 5 tips.

6) Practising into a mirror sucks, its nearly as bad as practising in front of your partner, who in my case always ends up laughing, this is then generally followed by an argument! Not best baseline to learn from. Networking groups are a great testing ground, where real people, and imperfect conditions are awesome to learn the skills of thinking on the fly.
7) Initially when you are starting out it’ll serve you to say Yes. Yes. Yes. To every speaking opportunity. Later on once you’ve got your assets, experience under your belt and you want to get paid. You have to say No. No. No.
8) Why do companies want external speakers? Have a think about the answer… they want them to fill a need that they can’t fill internally. How do you and your story fit into that need?
9) You’ll need to create a business plan… in fact no, no you won’t, in order to get booked you’ll need a BUZZ PLAN, a way of getting people talking about you. Who else do you know who is a motivational speaker, who wears, jeans, trainers and tshirts and Is brutally honest about running a business? Get people talking about you… a great buzz, is great biz.
10) Following on from the Buzz Plan… how are you fundamentally different to other speakers in your field? If you are another suit, it’s going to come down to price… or maybe personality
11) Leave them wanting more…

On the day I will get I will get you and also how Bananas, Teleporting and Commando rolling. Intrigued? You should be.
Ready to be a Better Speaker? You should be.
Let’s find that voice and story of yours…

Spend the day with me… Find your voice, find your story as BradCamp rolls into town.

Brad Burton

I am Brad Burton. The UK's #1 motivational speaker, founder of 4Networking and Amazon's highest rated business author. Yup.