NowWhatLive – the most honest and valuable event you will attend all year!

Standing in the back of the room…. excited chatter coming from the tables, music starts pumping from the sound system… Brad Burton bounds on stage… and the movement that is #NowWhatLive is born! Eeeeek!!

This is the first event of its kind, and indeed the first event I have attended run by Brad, and I’m excited! From the open networking done prior to starting, I know I’m not the only one… everyone present has been looking forward to this day for some time now! They realise it’s more than just your average seminar… we are literally making history!! The event itself stems from the book of the same name, Brads 4th best selling business book on Amazon… If you haven’t read any self development books… let me tell you (because I’ve read a few ;)) this book, and indeed this subsequent seminar is so overdue!!

Books are full of big claims ‘ the answer to overnight success lies in these pages’Read this book and you’ll soon be earning money whilst you sleep”…. Titles and words which are tempting to the success-hungry and eager small business people like myself! However, most often you are left with a nasty taste in your mouth, having got to the end of the book and still not uncovered the ‘secret’…. Or having put some of the suggestions from a book in place, and yet to see any reward. Thus forcing the eager business owner to become slightly tired, slightly jaded and even more than slightly disappointed with the self development world as a whole.


What is SO exciting about Now What, is that they are rebelling against this tradition – and the event / book is set to revolutionise the way we ALL view personal development!

Not only do you have Brad Burton, UK’s No.1 Business motivational speaker sharing over ten years of knowledge and advice, in an honest and humourous way with us – no big terms or fancy words to seduce you with…. But you also have two other amazing guest speakers – Ian Dickson, multi award winning business coach, who shares his heart wrenching story with us in a way that leaves him completely vulnerable but totally relatable to the audience, (I even shed a tear!) and last but by no means least, Croz Crosley, the Mindset Technician, letting us in on the real secret to success, using a simple clear mental image – incidentally, Croz spends his time helping people for FREE! Yes you read that right, FREE!!! In fact…. That is one of the biggest takeaways you will get from this event – these three men aren’t doing this for the money – they are doing what they do because they care, and because they too are frustrated with the smoke and mirrors surrounding self development – there is no hard upsell, no brainwashing, no fancy frills which leave you feeling a little dazed and confused – they are doing what they do to HELP – and dispel the current ‘view’ on personal development, in that it should be complicated and expensive!

You can find many different courses in excess of £500 promising you the earth- and talking such believable talk that you think THIS will be the one to change your life – NowWhat could easily be within those higher price brackets, BUT…. What is the extra money for? The price point is £149 because that is ALL IT NEEDS TO BE!!! And that is why I love being a part of this revolution… It works for everyone… the price…the content….the results…. On top of that, You aren’t just paying for a seminar, you are paying for honestly, transparency and support long after the event has finished and doors have closed….the NowWhat journey is just beginning!! You will have joined a movement, a part of history in the making, and a community where onward help and support are in abundance!