7 lessons to move your life and business on

7 bites sized NOW WHAT lessons to help move you, your life and business on!

1)      Find YOUR level: stop looking at others on their social medias, or in your field and aspiring to be them, it’ll drive you crazy. Be you, the best version of you.

2)      Don’t TAKE MASSIVE ACTION. Like really. Take consistent, little and often action, it’s how a see-saw tips from down, to up. By doing so you eventually reach a tipping point just by small incremental steps.

3)      Remember what road you are on… and why.  So often we forget our mission, and why we started it. That’s when we can feel unhappy or out of kilter. Take a moment to answer this question.

4)      Here’s another question for you to answer, finish this sentence off and say the word out loud…   My life needs more [insert word here]. Ok so what’s the plan to get it?

5)      You already have all the right ingredients to be a massive success; your recipe, well that may need a little work. Don’t be afraid to get it wrong a few times, before you get it right.

6)      If you don’t invest in your brand, don’t be upset if others don’t invest in it either.

7)      Your best and greatest business tool is your brain. Always put this at the front of any solution you seek, not the chequebook.

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Yup. 3 exclamation marks, it really is that amazing.


Brad Burton

I am Brad Burton. The UK's #1 motivational speaker, founder of 4Networking and Amazon's highest rated business author. Yup.