If you didn’t attend #NowWhatLive, you shouldn’t read this. It will make you sick…

“It was THE BEST self-development/sort your shit out day I have been to and I have been to a lot! Genuine, honest, AWESOME” – Vicky Stanton

If you did come to the event yesterday, give yourself a pat on the back…your life is about to get a whole lot better! If you didn’t don’t fret…we are already in the planning stages of the next one!

“Just what I needed, a real life representation of what can be achieved when we say yes to life and no to doubt and fear” – Angela Gordon

“ It’s so refreshing to attend a personal development day that isn’t shoving sales down your throat and is so heartfelt”  – Rebecca Lowrie

So….. I think it’s fair to say yesterday was a massive HIT! Amazing wisdom from a full panel of speakers, all focused on delivering a message which positively switched off the autopilot of life and allowed each of the attendees to take control of their life business and direction. NowWhat is like nothing that has previously existed in the personal development space.

But even the speakers can only do so much.

“Lots of fantastic life changes for me from the event” – Steven Johnson

The real kick is for those that attended, going forward will build on that day. NowWhat isn’t about taking massive action, it’s about taking consistent, daily action over the course of the weeks that will take you to the place where you want to be.

It’s one thing to commit to the day by paying for the ticket and turning up; but being 100% committed to the full day, physically, mentally and emotionally is where the true magic lies. By absorbing EVERYTHING, being open to EVERYTHING and embracing EVERYTHING, you truly unlock the potential within you and positive changes WILL happen, lives WILL change and success WILL follow!

This is quite possibly the most powerful consequence of #NowWhat so far…

“I just wanted to let you know, after NowWhat yesterday, I FINALLY dumped my cheating boyfriend of 4 years. He was always a number 2 – and I feel great today. THANK YOU!” – (name withheld)

Goosebumps? Us too.



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