Did you hear about the bomb scare at #TBS2017 yesterday?

Neither did I until I had finished speaking. But there was one. Ten minutes into my talk in Keynote Hall 1, the most highly populated area of the whole show, someone walked in, unbeknown to me and placed a rucksack into the corner of the keynote room where I was talking.  My amazing PA and huge support always at these shows, Dee Atkins clocked this guy walk in and swiftly walk away. She immediately called security.

This was a very serious situation, not a joke. Well, it if it was a joke, it certainly wasn’t fucking funny. We are talking security guards, police, sniffer dogs, the lot. And I knew NOTHING of this, even though I was less than 30 feet away.  Why? Because I was focused on delivering the best performance possible to the audience in front of me.

I have an amazing team around me who do what they do best so that I can do what I do best and focus on the job at hand. They are the eyes and ears on the ground. They realised there was no point alerting me to the problem, because what could I actually have done?

So my focus remained on the crowd, who also knew nothing of the event unfurling behind them.

It wasn’t just my team that did what they were supposed to. The ExCel security team were there within a minute. They realised how serious the situation was and dealt with it so efficiently it caused no panic to the people at the event. Hence why hardly any of the attendees knew anything about it. They know THEIR job too and excelled (see what I did there?) It’s about knowing YOUR role within the organisation, knowing what you’re good at, and performing to the best of your ability. The bag was taken away, and the show went on. I delivered a world-class performance. No, really.

 Mission accomplished on all fronts.

There are lessons to be learnt here people. Many of us try and ‘go it alone’ for as long as possible, whether it’s to try and save money, wanting to remain in control of everything, or for whatever reason.

This is false economy on all levels. Whatever you do right now, THAT is what you are good at and should be doing. The bits you don’t enjoy so much, or aren’t so good at? Sub them out. I built up my business on sub contractors. Let someone who IS good at them and does enjoy them do it! Do your bit to the best of your ability, let them do their bit to the best of their ability.

What this is about, is your success or failure in all areas of your life will be defined by your decisions. Surrounding yourself by experts that you trust is a great decision.

As it turned out, it wasn’t a bomb. But it was most definitely a bomb scare. As real as it gets. Of the 300 people in that very room, Dee was the only one who saw the bag drop. That is all it needs in life and business. Someone to see when something is wrong and actively do something about it. Welcome to www.Bradburton.biz/nowwhatclub. You have me in your corner, seeing stuff that you may not see.

That aside…what an amazing event! Incredible reactions from all of the talks I gave. It even blows me away. Seriously. These are my true FUCK YEAH moments, when I feel this really is what I was born to do, make a positive difference.

I started the week speaking at #NewCastleStartUpWeek (If you couldn’t be there, check this out  ) so we reckon I’ve have spoken to over 1800 in the last week – how amazing is that! I have gone from delivering pizzas for a living a decade ago to delivering keynote speeches to thousands in a week. What a privilege to be having such a difference to so many peoples lives. Want a ‘pizzaaaaa’ the action? (That is sooo cheesy – edited by Pippa, couldn’t help myself!)

5 shows, 5 different audiences, 5 different talks, and yet a completely united response across the board. So many moved to tears and gaining clarity to their life, some for the first time in years.

So after the excitement of the day, off we went to the Exhibitors drinks party (free, 100’s of people… this is the life!) Do you know what though, this photo captures a really lovely moment we had as a team during the party; we took off for some space and to get some fresh air, to get away from the crowds. Putting the world to rights, talking nonsense and having a giggle. You see, the showbiz side is only one part of this crazy life. The behind the scenes work can be intense, stressful, fun, and yet so rewarding.

These quiet moments away from the hustle and bustle are not only necessary, but also rather wonderful. Myself, Dee and Pippa, hiding under a flyover will be one of those memories I’ll remember the most.

What better way to reward yourself after an awesome event than a first class journey home! (Pippa’s first experience in first-class; next time we will be taking an empty rucksack to see how many free cherry cakes and roasted peanuts can one person take? The answer is 3 cherry cakes and 2 packs of peanuts; oh and some West Country Cider Vinegar crisps, 2 packets of lightly salted popcorn, 3 bottles of water and a banana. Although, looking at her choice of luggage, I’m surprised they let us in at all!


So lots of lessons to be learnt this week boys and girls
• Do YOUR bit and do it well.
• Surround yourself with a team you 100% trust.
• Always react to situations in the best way you possibly can. If a situation arises where you acting can make a positive difference, do it.
• Reward yourself for a good job well done, whether that be a Costa, a cake or a first class train ticket home.
• Have belief in your mission and belief in yourself.
• Take time to relax when you can (even under a motorway flyover) – even the UK’s Number 1 Motivational Business speaker needs quiet time now and then.
• Never take Pippa into first class; she steals cakes.
If you came along and heard me speak at any of the sessions this week, thank you so much for your support. If you would like the chance to work closely with me, check out


Brad Burton

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