Want to pick my brains?

If you are reading this page, I’ve sent it to you for a reason. Please read the entire article before responding.

You’ve probably asked via a social media, facebook messenger or via an email to

“to pick my brains”

“Catch up for a coffee”

or said

“I just wondered if…”

“Have you got a minute”

“Can you have a quick look at this..”

“Can I just run something by you”

“I’m looking for some feedback/advice”

If that’s the case, and you really want advice, assistance or my experience pointing towards your business, life or problems. We can easily make this happen. TODAY.

I’m a busy guy. As I am sure you are too. So let’s get down to business.

Join my Now What Club and have exclusive access to me daily.

Within this club, I share over a decade of my business/speaking experience with a small group of like-minded individuals all of which have all paid real money, just £30 per month,  to pick my brains, leverage my experience, my contacts and learn from my daily tasks all whilst having access to me on the daily.

If however you really don’t want to invest so that I can really help you with the stuff you’ve asked about.. that’s cool also.

I won’t be offended.

Case in point.

You can’t have it both ways.

It is important that you value your time like this as well. The less you value your time, the less other people will.

Over the last decade, I’ve caught up for coffee and helped thousands…  but, my time, more than ever before, is precious, I’m in massive demand.

My reputation for being able to fix problems FAST is at an all-time high, which is great.

The last 10 years of building up a national business (oh, and writing 4 bestselling business books) is paying off, as has being asked to keynote at some of the biggest events across the country. People want my help and advice. Which is awesome.


For a moment just put yourself in my shoes… On average, I receive 13.. THIRTEEN of these kind of approaches daily.

T H I R T E E N have you just got a minute from people who I have zero or little relationship or heritage with.

Do the math 13 x 5  just got a minute, minutes. That’s over an hour.

Worse still
(as just happened) a Facebook friend request arrives in my inbox.
Minutes later… a  message (sales pitch) arrives thinly disguised as an opportunity for me AND MY *NETWORK.

Would you work for an hour each day for free?

There are only 24 hours in a day.

Right now, I don’t even have enough hours in the day, for my own stuff.

So professionally and as a father, who has mentally committed to spend more time with my young family.

Where is the line drawn? What about your line, when?

Because I could easily burn through 40 hours a week, “catching up for a coffee” and listening to thinly disguised sales pitches however the last time I checked, my mortgage payments aren’t paid as a result of catching up for coffee and giving away free consultancy.

The reason people want to meet me or pick my brains isn’t because of my boyish good looks, but because they want access to my knowledge, contacts, or network. I get it.

But if we’ve had little to no relationship before the point where you want something, the answer is no, what’s the question?


So… if you are serious about picking my brains, you’ll join the Now What Club, or did you just want to catch up for a coffee, in which case find me at a 4Networking group I’m attending and grab me for a 1-1.

So your options now are

  1. Join the Now What Club and have the opportunity to ask me anything on a daily basis. Email Pippa@BradBurton.biz for more info or to apply.
  2. Book in and attend a BradCamp. Loads of opportunity to ask me anything.
  3. Find out what 4Networking meeting I’m at next, book in and grab me for a 1-1 at the event.
  4. Come along to the next NowWhatLive event. A chance to spend the day with me and some incredible speakers.
  5. Build a time machine, and use it to time travel backwards to build a relationship with me ahead of the point you want something
  6. Read the blog, think Brad’s a cock/I get where he’s coming from and decide your issue isn’t important enough to resolve
  7. Keep sending me messages (which will no longer be responded to, otherwise we now using additional minutes of my time I am not prepared to waste being polite as you have chosen to completely disregard the contents of this blog) trying to explain that this doesn’t apply and how your thing is different.
*The same network that I’d spent 10 years building. Only to simply open it up to someone I have NO relationship with, who has just gone Zero-Sales Pitch. Please.

My exclusive community, a club, headed up and driven by entrepreneur and best-selling author, Brad Burton.

An online resource that is so engaging, it is practically living and breathing valuable interactions. For its members, the club is like home. A place to belong.

With a fresh ethos, culture and approach to ‘serving’ others, The Now What? Club focuses on supporting, pushing on and providing accountability for busy people, throughout their busy lives and business.

Each person will be granted entry into the club, on a count of them needing, deserving, and wanting to be there. What we’re aiming for is a mutual understanding; where members who receive beneficial value from the club, will be offering the same in return.

This is not a numbers’ in the ‘thousands’ game, this is a ‘hundreds’ game of making a positive difference. A game that will motivate you to put the ‘personal’ back in ‘personal development’. After all, the core of this movement is YOU, and how YOU positively feel about yourself. using the same lessons that Brad has to get you in the winning mindset to make better decisions in all areas of your life.

To ensure that each member has actively made the decision to join our club, there will be a small joining fee and an ongoing monthly subscription. Regular contributors are encouraged to utilise this group to the maximum; this arrangement works for everyone as nobody respects ‘free’.

If people aren’t getting value or are unhappy, they will walk. Which is a good thing. Members stay because they want to, not because they have to. That allows us to ensure we give immense value and equally enables you to make your own decisions, no daft tie-ins. It’s the kind of fresh approach you’d expect from Brad. We want the club to be a place of positivity.

The fact is that there is little value placed on free services. The Now What? Club fee WILL differentiate the ‘do-ers’ from the ‘talkers’. Think of it as a test to hone in on the people who not only say they want to make a change, but act upon it, too.

Imagine having me in your corner, supporting you in a way that actually DOES make a difference. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a stand up guy. And when it comes to life and business, I’ve not always got it right. But I have always learnt. And its those same lessons that I’m here to help you with, to stop you going through those same mistakes, pitfalls and headaches so that you can make better, more informed decisions, which ultimately will equal better success. Massive return, for this small investment.

Here’s what we offer at The Now What? Club:

    • Access to Brad Burton; as this is now his primary online community
    • A regular opportunity ten-minute one to one phone surgeries with Brad Burton
    • High quality leadership
    • Dedicated training programmes
    • Weekly ‘tasks’ and regular accountability
    • FREE invitations to webinars.
    • The opportunity to have ALL your questions answered
    • Opportunity to guest talk
    • Personal introductions from Brad’s black book
    • The lowest tier price point for ALL future events
    • Invitation to socials with Brad in and around NowWhatLive events

We are a place to be held accountable for your actions, provided with strong, ongoing mentoring, and above all, a place where you can feel safe and thrive and grow. Both as a business, and as an individual. Now What? really is more than just an event or book. It is a way of life, a way of business, a way of success.

Learn all about the Now What? Club here or email Pippa@BradBurton.biz to apply.





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