Bank memories this Bank holiday

Not much to be said today after a really sad start to the week over in Manchester.

I was booked to speak at the Manchester Biz Expo on Thursday but didn’t know if it would be on or not. I learnt on Tuesday afternoon that the organisers had made the brave and, in my mind, correct call to carry on.

I spoke all the way up to the 11am one minute silence. So it was a different sort of presentation as you can expect. But it was one where the overriding message was to leave the securities to do their job whilst we all do our job, of which not letting fear get in the way of progress.

This doesn’t mean that we/you don’t care. It simply means that we should resit letting negative events out of our control pull us away our positive path in life.

You see, sometimes these events act as a reminder to us all, that life is so precious and that tomorrow isn’t guaranteed to any one of us. To any of us.

It’s something I have started talking about to the audience at NowWhat; don’t chase the money, chase the moments. Life everyday as if it’s your last, but never at the expense of tomorrow.

All of the speakers had decided the same. Coming from around the UK to do their job. All of which had a grounding in resilience. They were booked to speak at this event and they didn’t let fear throw them off course.

Pictured with me above is Ian Dickson, Jamie Moore (Boxer) & Stefan Thomas. All incredible speakers with amazing tales to tell. You can read more about them and their stories here, my speaker agency.

So on that note, enough of this typing, and with a long weekend ahead of us, you know what?  Make every minute count. Keep that laptop closed, Spend time with loved ones, even dare I say it? I may even turn the   Wi-Fi off. May.

Smile more, laugh often, make and bank some amazing memories. They are like batteries which power us through our difficult days.

The memories you can make this weekend will last a whole lot longer than any money you may give up.

Have a good one, Brad

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