Can you live with the decisions you make?

If you can live with the downside of any decision you should go for it!

The faster you make a decision the faster it either works and we win, or it fails and we gain experience.

Experience is what you win when you lose. It is a down payment on better and correct decisions in the future.

A mistake is only a mistake after the event. Up until that point, it’s the correct decision. No-one, including me, wakes up and thinks you know what, I’m gonna f**k up today!

But occasionally we do.

Your success or failure will always be defined by your ability to make decisions, good ones and bad.

An expert is someone who has made all the mistakes in a specialist field. So therefore to be the top of your game you need to be an expert.

Making mistakes makes you an expert!

Hence the reason you should be less fearful about making even the hardest of decisions. Fast.

Brad Burton

I am Brad Burton. The UK's #1 motivational speaker, founder of 4Networking and Amazon's highest rated business author. Yup.