This One Time At Bradcamp (or the day it all changed!) Written by Craig Petty.

Have you heard of Bradcamp? It’s a one day course designed by Brad Burton designed to help people become better speakers. There are other Bradcamps on other subjects but in November 2016 I went on ‘Be A Better Speaker’. Different people attend Bradcamp for different reasons. Some want to be better presenters. Some want to launch a speaking career. Me personally I thought I could pick up some tips that would improve my performance on stage as a Magician. I had no intention of becoming a speaker.

If you haven’t heard of Brad Burton he is the number one motivational business speaker in the U.K. He the founder of 4Networking and Now What. He has written four best selling books. He achieved all this in 12 years, the guy absolutely knows his stuff.

Anyway, went on Bradcamp hosted by Brad Burton and Ian Dickson who is an amazing speaker and Business Coach. To say I was blown away is an understatement. I can honestly say I learnt more in that one day session about performing on stage than I have in my entire career as a Magician. There were many times I sat there open mouthed wondering why I hadn’t thought of something that Brad was saying.

However something else happened, something I never could have expected. I thought that maybe I could become a professional speaker. Brad and Ian were so inspirational that they inspired me to become a professional speaker. Now anyone who speaks professionally will tell you that becoming a speaker is difficult. People can speak there whole lives and never achieve their dreams. However I’m fairly sure these people have never been to Bradcamp.

You see Bradcamp is more than just learning about how to speak, it’s about what you need to do and put in place to do it professionally. You learn about assets, experience, developing your career, where to go and what to do. There is also a super secret community made up of everyone who has attended a Bradcamp. This is kind of a support group for people who have been at Bradcamp. Brad continues to share tips, help and advice and everyone shares how they are doing and where they are on their speaking journey.


So the huge question is does Bradcamp work. Well let’s just run down what’s happened to me in the last 6 months since attending Bradcamp

  • Been selected to appear on Speaker Seeker – Brad’s speaker agency
  • Keynoted on the 4Networking Stand in November 2016 at The Business Show in London
  • Hired by 20th Century Fox and Rolls Royce to keynote at their events
  • Hosted the Pathway To Grow AGM
  • Keynoted at Accelerate, the 4Networking Conference
  • Booked to keynote at Now What and The Business Networking Show
  • Closed The Business Show at Excel in London by keynoting on the main stage at the event

That’s in six months! My life has changed massively in the last few months and I can pinpoint the moment everything changed – going to Bradcamp. I have no idea what the next six months will bring but I’m excited!

My advice is simple. If you feel like you have a story you can tell or you want to be a speaker you HAVE to attend Bradcamp. If you want more confidence speaking in front of people you HAVE to go to Bradcamp. If you are self employed or run your own business you HAVE to go to Bradcamp. Bradcamp changed my life and it could changed yours as well.

If you are serious about becoming a better speaker and changing your life seek out