Want a SEVEN figure, FINANCIAL FREEDOM, Laptop Lifestyle for just a few hours work each day?

Want a SEVEN figure, FINANCIAL FREEDOM, Laptop Lifestyle for just a few hours work each day?



The day had finally arrived. The one I’d been looking forward to for so long. I took delivery of a dream car,  the BMW i8.  Now if ever there is a sign of TRUE SUCCESS, it has to be this £105,000 of pure beautiful metal and power. To everyone on social media, I’d made it.

“Congrats on the new car”,

“It’s alright for some”,

“Wow what a beauty”

Now, in this blog, I am going to share with you how I found myself in this enviable position and how you could also do the very same. I will soon reveal the secrets of my

$$  MI££IONAIR£ MIND$£T $£CR£T$! $$

Once you know the secret, you too could be driving around in whatever supercar turns you on, posting about it on social media for everyone to like. Lol.

Learn right here in this blog all of the secrets to gaining a ££$$ MI££IONAIR£ MIND$£T and ££$$ UNLOCKING HUGE SUCCESS 

This may well be the most exciting, honest and groundbreaking blog I have ever written. Keep reading if you want to learn how to achieve this level of wealth and success $$£££$$

But before I do reveal the SECRETS of how I  mastered my mindset, what you need to know first off, is that you MUST  have MASTERY of a MI££IONAIR£ MIND$£T in order to reach your full UNLIMITED POTENTIAL, that golden bridge of unlimited income.

With lots of money, you’ll always be happy.

Money is THE thing that most people KNOW will make them happy. Money is the answer to solving all of our problems. And social media, whether it’s Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, is awash with imagery supporting this. #squadgoals, #success #goals #entrepreneurlife #boss #millionaire #mastery #mindset #hustle #grind # 4AMCLUB

#People #displaying #to #the #world #their #success.

However, what we are mostly looking at and liking is a sanitised version of what other people choose to show you. Whether it’s an expensive watch, a bottle of Moet, or in my case  £105,000  of German engineering, MY symbol of success.

Comparing your life with the presented ‘public’ life of other people will drive you mad.

The reality and truth is that my world isn’t all supercars, meeting celebs, eating finest food, speaking in front of audiences – although if you look on my Instagram timeline, you could believe that’s all I do.

What I don’t post are the photos of me pissed off, having a duvet day cos I can’t find my personal motivation, emptying the bins, pulling hairs from my nose. The argument with the wife because she’s not bought enough bananas. My three-year daughter ‘having an accident’ (pissing) on my man cave sofa or my poo bagging and cleaning up dog shit from my garden.

Because the real world is the world that we all live in. The real world.  Yet people don’t share such pictures of the real world as our ‘modern day culture’ just displays everyone living in a fantasy world.

You know the car?

The BMW….?

The BMW i8 hybrid?

The £105,000 BMWi8 hybrid?

It isn’t mine.

I just hired it for the day.

Give our friend Thomas Justice at Thrifty a call on

07458 015 172

and do what I did.  Be prepared to put a £3000 deposit and £275 day hire on one for the day.

Don’t get me wrong, it is a lovely car, and yes I’d love to own one, but I’m not prepared to swap the time or tickets (for those who have read NowWhat?) needed in order to buy one.


So these ‘$$££ MI££IONAIR£ MIND$£T MA$T£RY SUMMIT TO UNLOCK SUCCESS ££$$’  are generally a lot of codswallop, a load of shit, or as we like to call it in Manchester, bobbins. 

You don’t go on a 5-day course and come away with a MI££IONAIR£ MIND$£T. You just don’t. This ‘SECRET MI££IONAIR£ MIND$£T’ is a myth.

A myth that has generally been created and perpetuated so that wannabe millionaires can sell you the dream that you too, a wannabe millionaire can become a REAL MILLIONAIRE if you simply follow in their secret steps.

It’s a total farce people. I have seen too many individuals over the course of the last decade, who have bought into these fast track success summits and lost what little money they did have chasing something that was never going to be a realistic or sustainable outcome for them. You really can’t skip the steps.

There is a mindset that because these courses are so expensive, they must work. After all, the people in the sponsored posts that you see on your Facebook feed are driving supercars and are seemingly dripping with unlimited wealth.

Let me tell you something people, it would be all too easy for me to paint a picture on my social media feeds and have others believing that I too could give you a millionaire lifestyle just by enrolling onto one of my MI££IONAIR£ MIND$£T SUMMITS. Granted, I would be using pictures of me outside my friends’ houses and using their cars.









(At no point on the run up to this on social media did I say that the car was mine. I used the terminology “taking delivery of” or “just taken delivery of” 

We used clever semantics to use words and imagery that led everyone to conclude that I had bought it.

That is the same trick that all these CERTAINTY SALESPEOPLE use when selling these 4-day summits for £9,997 where you learn the secret that earned one company of over 7000% of increased sales in one day. 

Please don’t buy into it. Or, at least, go into it with your eyes wide open.


Chasing the ultra-wealth, millionaire mindset mastery course nonsense comes at a price. I’ve seen it. You need more than a mastery of a millionaire mindset to be a millionaire. Every single entrepreneur that I know who is financially successful and in that bracket also has a real fucking business. With real staff, real struggle and real investment.

I have yet to come across anyone who has been on one of these courses and scaled from nothing to being a millionaire. I have however met in the tens, people who have spent what little money they have got and ended up in exactly the same place where they started, less ten grand, less self-belief and even more in debt. As tempting as it is to try, you really can’t skip the steps. Sorry.

Too many are striving for a level that they will never sensibly achieve nor sustain. You have to make huge sacrifices to achieve, and once again maintain that level of lifestyle and wealth. Most likely those sacrifices being your family or even worse, your health.

Trust me, I’ve been there.

The money came in through one door and I saw my health and family disappearing out of the other. 

It is a delicate balancing act.

At my most ‘successful’ point, I had almost lost everything. For what?

For a brand new supercar sitting on a driveway, bringing nothing much to my life except a wash and polish on a Sunday afternoon and my neighbour’s envy?

Nah, that’s not the life for me thank you. And I urge you to think very carefully – is that really what you want, the life for you?

Sunday afternoons these days are for me taking my children to the park, kicking a ball about with the boys, feeding ducks with my daughter, playing computer games. Having a working class mindset. Doing the things that money can’t buy. That is success to me.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you should squash your ambition. Because you always should be ambitious.  But it doesn’t always have to be what the social media feeds prescribed to us, in this case, money, supercars, mansions.

Success comes in all ways and forms.

So, you can keep your hustles, grinds, 4am club and stress. I may have less money now but I’ve truly never been happier. Although to be fair, even my ‘less money now’ is more money than I ever could have imagined in my previous life.

THAT, my friends, is SUCCESS: when you’re genuinely content with your lot.

I have to admit, having the i8 was a whole lot of fun. And I may even take a second bite of the cherry and hire it for a long weekend soon, for the lols and Insta posts.

So why don’t you put a line through supercar on your #goals list and call our friend Thomas at Thrifty. Rent your dream car for a day.

Then you too can go onto Facebook and Instagram with pictures of your #successgoals and are then free to go about building yourself a life of TRUE happiness.


Get mentored by me. £30 a month. What’s the catch? Email Pippa@BradBurton.biz to find out.

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