I’m off to ITV’s Love Island…

… Don’t believe what’s written in the subject line of an emailer. It’s all lies.

Big week at BBHQ this week. Kicked off with me flying to Newcastle to motivate a global sales team, although to be honest I did say on facebook I was off to #LoveIsland, for the lols… Anyway, cracking on… Bit different from my normal gigs on paper; I can hardly advise that they tell their bosses to shove their jobs up their arse!
But what I COULD do was motivate them to align their own personal mission with that of the company. If the company succeeds so do they, and vice versa. It’s not about input, it’s about output.

See that’s the thing. Once you’ve come across every single business problem going, spent years ‘fixing’ things, there is very little you can’t handle, and few things you can’t overcome.

This was followed up by movement within the Now What Club. Yesterday was B-Day. As in Bin Day. Lol. The original members who had temporary free membership as a thank you for their support by attending the original live events had to make the decision whether they stayed and paid, or chose to leave.

Out of 130, 31 made the decision to go. And that’s cool. Like everything in life, their success or failure will be defined by your decisions. Good ones and bad ones.

The door to the NWC is always open.


Each and every decision to stay was a confirmation that the club is becoming exactly what I had visualised. It is a place of huge value. A Brad in your corner is a really powerful tool for every life business or problem.

There were some who had originally expressed to Pippa that they couldn’t afford it.  Just a few weeks on, they had come to the decision that they couldn’t afford NOT to stay. Fucking awesome.

This is just the beginning people, trust me. You watch. With the NWC, we are creating something so unique, something so special in the personal development space. I did say that I was going to shake that industry up. Well that mission is well underway. Just watch what we do next.

Do you know what has affected me more than anything this week? It’s the unbelievable acts of kindness from NWC members, who have essentially ‘gifted’ membership to those benefitting from the club yet struggling to afford it. Just beautiful.

This makes for a very happy Brad.

And proof that the club IS bringing about more success for members? What an amazing result for Sandra, as a result of being in the club.

Once again, the power of having a Brad in your corner.

If you want to have a nosey, check out


Oh, I’m also now officially allowed to tell you, (although I did let it slip on social media a few weeks ago, oops)  I’ve been booked as keynote for the Made Festival at the Crucible Theatre on 9th November. Woot.

An audience of 1000. Going to get a good and proper Bradding. Bring it on.

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