How would you like £1500 from me? For doing nothing?

Well, I’m sorry but The Village Hotel has already nabbed it!!

We fucked up this week. Big time. It has left me a few thousand pounds out of pocket. But I had a choice. Did I fuck up my bank balance or my reputation?

The way I saw it, I either let down those people who had been booked onto my events this week with less than 24 hours notice,  OR we, as a team found a way to make it work.

To me,  this was a no brainer… I have spent years building my reputation. Was I prepared to lose all of that for of money? Nah, No way.

Saving the day or saving pennies for a rainy day?

And that’s the thing boys and girls. Life doesn’t always go to plan. Things happen. Decisions get made, as do mistakes. When you make hundreds of decisions each week, you are invariably going to get it wrong some times. Especially when you are moving fast, at Brad-pace.

But, when mistakes are made, YOU are in control of how that pans out. When you have the option to make it right then you must.

You always have the power to ‘make it right’.

How someone deals with the shit times tells you more about a person than when things are all fine and dandy.

The money? On this shituation it’s gone. I’ll make it again. Or I won’t. The reputation of being a man of my word? That cannot be fixed so easily.

So for the last two days, I have had a conference room, ‘Brad Burton Ltd’ on the board outside, 10 chairs sat empty around a big table, paid-for food untouched in the kitchen, pristine, unused hotel beds in empty hotel rooms, whilst I’ve been doing my thing in a different conference room, the other side of town! Complete madness. So much madness in fact that it now seems funny. Well, I wouldn’t go that far but you know what I’m saying.  Yes, I was pissed off and annoyed, (And that’s an understatement) but that will pass. In fact, it’s already passed. What wouldn’t pass, is the thought that I had let people down, left them short-changed on an event that they had invested not just money but time in. An event that I ALWAYS pride myself on over-delivering on.

So, listen, my apologies to the attendees who also had to change their plans at short notice, but like I said to them on the day, shit happens and the show must go on!

And what a show it was! Two AWESOME days with the most amazing people ever, the atmosphere was electric, surprisingly even MY energy was through the roof!

The positive of mistakes as catastrophic as this? We’ve learned from it. I always say ‘a mistake is only a mistake after the event’. You don’t wake up in the morning and think “Oh, I’m going to fuck up today”! but occasionally we do.

The second positive? This is a story I will dine out on as a speaker for years to come! The lessons learned from this week make a GREAT part of my journey… so you can forget the caterpillar cake, or my days delivering pizza… the ‘Worst ever Bradcamp in the history of Bradcamps’ has just taken pole position, so get ready to hear it again and again.

Will you be joining me at the next Be a Better Speaker BradCamp?

Thursday 10th May in Manchester. The Village Hotel. Hopefully 😉


Brad Burton

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