Didn’t get the GCSE results you wanted?


Don’t worry!

I’m serious.

How do I know?

After all, I’m an entrepreneur, I now run multiple businesses, generating £millions.

Oh yeah, I’ve also written 4 business books.

I speak to global organisations.

I’m a top 100 UK Entrepreneur.

But it wasn’t always this way…

I’m also a kid from a council estate in Salford. My dad left me when I was 6months old. My Mum brought me up as a single parent.

I was the class clown, I preferred to spend my school days having fun.

When my GCSE results came in, in 1989… 1 D, 1 E, 1F, the rest were U’s.


Since that time I have done various jobs, including window cleaner (lasted a shift!) car valeter, cleaning team at Butlin’s. I’ve also been on benefits for 4 years; life takes you in all manner of directions.

At 31, I was delivering pizza. I’m 44 now. In last 13 years, I reckon I’ve finally got life sussed out.

And importantly My NO QUALIFICATIONS really didn’t matter.

What I wish I’d known earlier is that I didn’t wait as many years as I did to realise this.

“If you can do the job you are qualified.”

Unless of course, you wanted to be a brain surgeon, astronaut or rocket scientist. In which case you can re-sit them. If this is the route you still want to go.

I’m 44 now and a father of 4, I’ve had ups and downs through my life, we all have. You will too.

But it’s ok, because we learn from this

“Experience is what you win, when you lose”

Nothing in life is wasted as long as you are learning, I genuinely don’t care what results my children get.

Better results. Great.

But it really doesn’t matter. As long as they tried their best. Same goes for you, if you had your time again would you have handled things differently?

You can’t have your time again. Sadly. But you can learn from the past for your future.

You know the last time I used a protractor was 1989.

I also know that when someone comes for an interview to work with me; the first thing I am looking for is personality, drive, aptitude.

Qualifications just are not on my radar.

Remember I’ve written FOUR books. No English GCSE or degree.

So what’s going on?!

“If you can do the job you are qualified.”

So if you feeling unhappy with your grades today. Stop.

I am telling you, it’s all gonna work out just fine.

It all starts today, in believing you can do it. It, in this case, is being a success in life. Your life.

You won’t be defined by your qualifications unless you allow yourself to be defined by your qualifications.

Be defined in your life by your actions. What you do next.

Help many.
Hurt few.
Live life.

I wish you well going forward, as long as you always give it out best, it’s gonna be alright. All of it.

Ps: I’ve included photos of my life, the things, people in it… I am you.

PPs: Remember, I have NO qualifications. My biggest mistake was waiting nearly 20 years before throwing the switch, to finally unshackle myself and my thinking to my results.

PPPs: Don’t wait another moment thinking you can’t be what you want to be.

Brad Burton

I am Brad Burton. The UK's #1 motivational speaker, founder of 4Networking and Amazon's highest rated business author. Yup.