I hate to say it but I run a Mickey Mouse operation.

I’m in America. Had you noticed? If it wasn’t for my Mickey Mouse pics, you probably wouldn’t have known. Because I am just as present on social media as when I am at it back in the UK.

So often people say to me, “Brad, why don’t you ever completely switch off when you take a break?”

The reason is this. My work doesn’t feel like work. I made it this way. I just love what I do. Now I am both switched on and switched off at all times.

Why would I want to stop doing something I love just because I’m in a different country?


When you get your life and business right, they kinda meld into one, to the point that one simply doesn’t work without the other.

I describe it as a glass of vimto. First you pour the water in (the life). Then you pour the vimto in (the business). Within seconds, you can’t tell what was water and what was vimto. And it would be fucking impossible to even begin to try and separate the two.

My life is like that. Every single day, whether at home or abroad. Every day is a work day. Every day is a holiday. It makes sense to me, and this is about you doing it your way in every element of your life. That’s true success.

The old Brad would have worked every hour god sent . Now I’m living and enjoying every hour.

So, if you’re feeling it’s all work and no play for you, maybe it’s time to change something and throw your switch. Stop trying to squeeze work into the regular 9-5pm, stop limiting your ‘down-time’ to out of hours. Blend them. Work when you want to and rest when you don’t.

When I’m in the gym, I answer emails during rest periods. I make and receive calls in the car.
I use my time twice.

I make it sound easy, and it really is. Once you learn how to do that. It takes some time, and some practice. I’ve been doing it this way for over ten years.

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We have over 100 members who are learning to do just that, and are happier more successful versions of themselves for it.

Or come along to my next Now What Live event, the same event that has been a pinnacle to positive change for so many who have attended previous events. I’ll do my best to sort you out.

Trust me, once you start to live life in this way, you’ll never go back. The 9-5 lifestyle belongs to 1994.
And I for one have no desire to live that year again!

Right, that’s all from me for now. Have a great weekend kids. Now I’ve finished writing this, I’m heading off to the Magic Castle. See? Vimto.

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Brad Burton

I am Brad Burton. The UK's #1 motivational speaker, founder of 4Networking and Amazon's highest rated business author. Yup.