Where’s the red carpet?

Only 16 tickets left!

27th OCTOBER: #NowWhat Live event, Aston Villa, Birmingham

We listened to you guys and have brought back some firm favourites to the stage, simply because their messages are so strong that they need to be heard again.

Although don’t expect it to be ‘the same’ as before. Oh No.

This will blow your HEAD off!

Over 100 like-minded people in one room.

A day of focus to enable you to make better decisions. Faster.

And for the first time ever, we have two amazing additions to the NowWhat roster!

Trust me, I only hand pick people who truly believe in living life the NowWhat way and these two fit the mould perfectly.

The way they speak epitomises everything that the #NowWhat movement is about and I am thrilled that they will be joining us!

Watch this 2 minute video for a sneaky peek of what to expect!

The Bad Boy of Magic

From struggling magician to CEO of multi-million pound businesses

Can you learn business tips from magic?

The Mary Berry of extreme sports

85 years old and throwing herself out of planes.

What’s your excuse?

The Mindset Technician

It’s me in 50 years time!

Not just a big thumb but a big brain too.

‘Perfect Programme to Success’


The Anxiety Guy

On a mission to promote positive mental health
and save others from the pitfalls of life that he has stumbled into.

Extreme Empowerment Specialist

Unleashing the awesome within everyone.

Yes, there IS awesome in EVERYONE!

And me? Of course ME! Did I mention Dilys is going to be there? #No1DilysFan

If you cut me through from head to toe I’d read #NowWhat like a stick of fucking rock! So yes, I will also be speaking there.

That’s if I get through the next month as I have so many gigs booked in – which ones are you coming to?

11th OCTOBER: Biz Expos Liverpool
Crowne Plaza

Headlining this awesome business expo. World class speakers, 100’s of local businesses to network with.

What’s not to love!






12th OCTOBER:  BradCamp lands in Manchester.

The prices are increasing as of 1st October (this Sunday!) But if you’re quick, you can still book on to this, or a future BradCamp at the old price of £349.

13TH OCTOBER: The Big Conversation, Bolton

For business owners and employees alike, this is the only networking event you need to attend if you live in and around Bolton.

Come and see me AND connect with over 200 local business people.

Then it’s the Big NowWhat Live and straight back into speaking gigs up and down the country.

Seriously, Mariah Carey has nothing on me.

Check out future gigs for the rest of 2017 here.


Brad Burton

I am Brad Burton. The UK's #1 motivational speaker, founder of 4Networking and Amazon's highest rated business author. Yup.