It’s only a daft idea if it doesn’t work.
It did.

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My name is Brad Burton and I created the UK’s only joined up business network

Here’s how and why…

Back in 2005, I couldn’t find the sort of business networking that my start-up marketing business needed – so I set about creating it, and 4Networking was born on 16 Feb 2006, with Brad Burton as member #1.

From the beginning and right up to today, for so many reasons #4Nworks.

  • 4N puts its members before the organisation.
  • 4N welcomes EVERYONE, regardless of business size or type.
  • We ensure every person at every meeting has access to real business appointments.
  • It’s the British way of networking – no hard sell, no BS, just a relaxed, fun and friendly networking environment where people can be themselves, as that’s when the magic happens…
  • 4N occupies what was the (surprisingly) vacant middle ground of networking. So, 4N is neither the ‘soft left’ of unstructured networking – just standing around randomly chatting to people – nor the ‘hard right’ of forced referrals and that straightjacket of forced attendance at a single group.
  • 4N is the UK’s only joined-up business network, allowing all our members to visit any of the 5000+ meetings we run each year across the UK. That’s 250+ different groups, each running fortnightly breakfast, lunch or evening meetings.
  • We mix online with in-the-room networking. On their own, online business forums have withered and died over the last 10 years. By injecting a healthy mix of people who’ve met in person as well as only online, our online forum works.
  • It’s now stood the test of time – 10 years on, from just starting as a small number of groups in the south west of England that “will never work” according to our rivals, 4N is now an established national network with a solid organisational structure.
  • We continue to invest – constantly improving the 4N website and expanding our range of member benefits and incentives, for the benefit of all our members.
  • There’s a highly visible and accessible management team. I’m at 4N meetings up and down the country all the time, as is the rest of my team – always talking to and learning from our members.
  • It’s 50% business and 50% social… and it works. One of the opening lines that’s always in our meeting script and it’s true. It’s a balance that’s created a truly supportive business community.
  • 4N complements perfectly my other activities – 4N lets me read the pulse of SMEs across the UK right now. And all those experiences and opinions of people and their business journeys feed into my books and my speaking.

There’s IS a 4Networking group near you, so if you’ve never tried one of our meetings, please take a look at our meeting list and book yourself in – you’ll be guaranteed a warm welcome and there’s a chance I may be there too…

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JJP_72575000+ meetings every year across the UK

It’s 50% business and 50% social… and it works.

4N welcomes EVERYONE

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