“Beneath the bluff exterior of the self-styled “ bloke from Manchester” is a shrewd business brain.”

 – The Times

This really is a quote from that posh newspaper, ‘The Times’. It is also an opinion shared by so many.

With multi-million pound business interests, 4 best-selling business books, and an ongoing and successful speaking career, Brad has proved over and over that he knows a thing or two about business, and making something out of nothing. Throughout his four books, he has documented his journey, but with so many life and business lessons weaved in within the pages. It is no accident that he is the highest rated and reviewed 5* UK business author on Amazon. There is something for everyone in each and every book.

Not read any of them? Brad’s suggestion is to read them in this order.

1. Life.Business.

2. Now What?


4. GOYA2

However, they are completely independent of each other, so you can pick up wherever you fancy.



The hopes, the fears, the having no money, the whinging partner. The true reality of what it’s like to start a business up. Brad Burton shares his unique and raw look at life/business and how everything happens for a reason, even the shi**y stuff. You only realise how significant your decisions are when they are in your rear view mirror.

GOYA is a self-help/biz book for people who DON’T like self-help/biz books! It’s a whole lot of honesty about some of the strokes you need to pull to get through those first few years of business… and then what the hell to do when you get there. . This book can shape the next part of your journey…


Often in life we run away from our past. Feeling that it doesn’t positively serve us. With Goya2, Brad documents how the often sometimes painful lessons from your life can actually enhance the way you approach your life and business, and how you can break through self doubt, and deal with the disorientating upturn of a growing business.

Moving from a Market Trader to Managing Director mindset.

Need more appointments? Need more sales? Need more motivation? Need no-nonsense advice? …You really need this book. Widely acclaimed, It’s a fresh look at business and networking.

Life. Business. Just got easier.

Probably Brad’s favourite. This book was written when Brad was on the verge of true success, and yet also on the verge of true defeat. A true life changing book which will help you lock in the confidence, passion and humour needed in order to success and push through when all you want to do is sit down feeling sorry for yourself. Packed full of practical, proven, actionable steps to make life and business more focused and balanced, this third book has gathered the same outstanding reaction from the previous two and promises to help shape you and your positive future.

Now What?

Every decision in your life has led you to this moment. Now What? Through a series of interlinked stories, Brad shares thought-provoking lessons that will help you work out your next steps in positively dealing with change, challenges and distribution in your life, business and the world. Brad’s seminars always sell out. This book gives you a front row seat. By reading it you’ll be able to make faster and better decisions, leading to a happier, more successful and confident you. Like everything in life the decision is yours. and your success or failure will be defined by your decisions, good ones and bad ones. Brads advice, want more success? Make better decisions.

So which one will be next on your reading list? Whichever one you choose, make sure you pop back and share with us your favourite takeaways!

All will come signed, but if you would like a special message please email pippa@bradburton.biz – what a perfect gift!

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