If you are reading this, chances are it’s because you have a problem. A quandary. A painpoint that you just can’t seem to get past.

It’s likely that you’ve even reached out to Brad for his help at some point

“The ‘Now What?’ Club” is an exclusive community, a club, headed up and driven by entrepreneur and best-selling author, Brad Burton.

An online resource that is so engaging, it is practically living and breathing valuable interactions. For its members, the club is like home. A place to belong.

With a fresh ethos, culture and approach to ‘serving’ others, The Now What? Club focuses on supporting, pushing on and providing accountability for busy people, throughout their busy lives. It will provide reassurance that you’re on the right track, or, if not, help you find it.

Look out for the daily tasks which will challenge you in all areas, whether that be life or business. Members are seeing HUGE improvements from these tasks alone and they are pushing themselves through comfort zones they never thought possible.


Each person will be granted entry into the club, on account of them needing, deserving, and wanting to be there. It is a mutual understanding; where members who receive beneficial value from the club, will be offering the same in return.

Does the club get results? Absolutely!

The Now What Club puts the ‘personal’ back in ‘personal development’. After all, the core of this movement is YOU, and how YOU positively feel about yourself, using the same lessons that Brad has to get yourself in the winning mindset to make better decisions in all areas of your life.

As there is a small ongoing monthly subscription, each member has actively made the decision to join the club and regular contributors are encouraged to utilise this group to the maximum; if entry to the club was free, it would be overwhelmed with new members constantly and risk losing its integrity.

Members stay because they want to, not because they have to. We ensure that everyone gets value and are as happy as they can be, and the door is always open for them to leave. That allows us to ensure we give immense value and equally enables you to make your own decisions, no daft tie-ins. It’s the kind of fresh approach you’d expect from Brad. His motivation is to make a positive difference. As such, the club is a place of positivity.

The Now What? Club subscription WILL differentiate the ‘do-ers’ from the ‘talkers’. Think of it as a test to hone in on the people who not only say they want to make a change but act upon it, too.

Having Brad in your corner, supporting you in a way that actually DOES make a difference. Anyone who knows Brad knows he is a stand-up guy. And when it comes to life and business, he’s not always got it right. But he has always learned. And it’s those same lessons that he’s here to help you with, to stop you going through those same mistakes, pitfalls, and headaches so that you can make better, more informed decisions, which ultimately will equal better success. Massive return, for this small investment.

Here’s what we offer at The Now What? Club:

    • Access to Brad Burton; as this is now his primary online community
    • Daily Tasks, aimed at driving you, your business and your mindset forward
    • Real-time Accountability
    • A regular opportunity for ten-minute one to one phone surgeries with Brad Burton
    • High-quality leadership
    • Dedicated training programmes
    • Live broadcasts from Brad & guests
    • The opportunity to have ALL your questions answered
    • Guest talk to the entire community in an opportunity window
    • Personal introductions from Brad’s black book
    • FREE invitations to webinars
    • The lowest tier price point for ALL future events
    • Invitation to socials with Brad in and around NowWhatLive events

So, we are a place where you’ll be held accountable for your actions, provided with strong, ongoing mentoring, and above all, a place where you can feel safe and thrive and grow. Both as a business, and as an individual. Now What? really is more than just an event or book. It is a way of life, a way of business, a way of success.

Brad wishes he’d had a Brad in his corner when he was starting out; now YOU have that chance!

Fill in this form to find out how you can become a member of the club and Pippa will be in touch to proceed with the application!

If after reading this, you still aren’t sure if the club is right for you or not, email pippa@bradburton.biz for a chat

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